discontent   Careers/Jobs

Are you hard-working?
Are you happy helping customers satisfy their needs?
Are you experienced working in a retail setting?

If so, we want you to apply for a position as an associate!
We have exciting full and part time positions available.

  1. You must be at least 18 to work at Discontent.
  2. Print out the 2 page application in either Adobe Reader or HTML format.
  3. Fill out the printed 2 page application completely.
  4. If you have a resume, attach it to the last page of the application.
  5. Mail, fax, or bring in person the completed application to the store with the job opening:
    Human Resources, Attn: Job Application
    Address of store with the job opening(s).
NOTE: When the application is viewed in HTML format, it will appear as a web page. It should only be used for those who are unable to open PDF (Adobe) files. The HTML version does not print well.
If you need to download a new or updated copy of Adobe Reader, Click here.