In Our Hookah and Tobacco Section You Can Find the Region's Largest Selection of Glass & Metal Hookah Water Pipes, Vaporizers, Flavored Shisha Tobaccos, e-Cigerrette Liquids, Pipe Screens, Hand Herbal Grinders, Safes, Scales, Large Flavored Papers/Cigar Wraps, Cigarette Lighters, Zippos, Butane, Detoxification Products/Body Cleansers, Aromatherapy, Various Smoking Herbs, and Hundreds of Smoke Shop Accessories. We Also Feature the Region's Largest Incense Selection, Ritual Candles, Essential Scented Oils, Hemp Jewelry/Glass Beads, Rings, Earrings, Jewelry, Professional Body Jewelry, Art, Posters, Makeup, Manic Panic Hair Dye, Hand Bags, Women's Apparel, Edgy Club Gear, Women's Shoes, Skirts, Dresses, Blouses and Shirts, Lots of Nostalgic Hippie Clothes, Hats, Backpacks, Men's Clothing, and Gifts. Gift Cards Are Available!

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Rock and Novelty T-shirts by Just For You Shirts, Giant, Cinderblock, Dragonfly, SikWorld, Chaser, Bravado, and more. Lip Service, Paper Doll Productions, Emily Strange, Dickies Girl, and Rocksteady provide a darker edge to our ladies line, while Hot Sauce, Tulle, and Cheryl Creations are a little more sweet and sassy. We also carry tie-dye and India inspired clothing and tapestries.

Perhaps it's the tobacco and smoking herbs section you want? Head for one of our shops to satisfy your smoking needs. You're going to have to experience the Discontent Tobacco & Hookah Smoke Section for yourself to truly understand its coverage! Best Prices, Best Selection Hands Down!

Are you interested in a wide selection of posters? Or in a great selection of shoes and fashion accessories?

Come for the Manic Panic or the Jerome Russell to color your hair purple and stay for the largest selection of body jewelry in the tri-state area. From our large selection of incense and gifts to our leather spiked cuffs you are sure to enjoy every visit to Discontent!

We have pre-assembled skateboards and longboards as well as a wide variety of skateboard parts so you can create your own custom dream board. We also offer skate shoes, skate clothing for guys and girls, hats, backpacks, skate videos, and other skateboarding accessories such as skateboard wax. Gift Cards Are Available! (Skate Shop merchandise not available at all store locations).

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Discontent no longer offers body piercing. May we suggest  almost famous body piercing?